Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat How long have I been waiting for this moment? Do your best, Bala lady. Yaman was a move. Well received. So you’re going to kill me, huh? Osman Bey, weren’t you the one who said coma after everything you could? Lets! Let’s see your move then. Why would someone with such eyes use pusat to kill? Those eyes are not a pusat, they are a shield,Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat  Osman Bey. He protects me from the cruelty of his black eyes. I met Aksu Hatundur at the soup kitchen.


She is very ladylike and her hand is skillful, she helped

Nikola dogs look for Turks to bite their teeth into. You don’t have to worry, I’ll add the Alps to you and go like that. I know that you can hide the condition of your hand, Bamsi, I don’t want it to be heard. You say right.You say right. Idris, then let’s go together. If you come, I will not be afraid of anything, Mr. Bamsi. Thank you, but you still shouldn’t reveal anything to anyone, right? Let there be love. It will be fine, it will be fine, first of all, Allah. Gunduz Bey talked about a profitable deal. And I wanted to hear it from your mouth. So you paid the price.

There is no price that gold cannot buy What do you want?

Grass in my pastures. I need more pasture. What did those sheep and goats give birth to in winter time? Let’s say Nowruz preparations. Just because new tribes will come, you look for pasture for them. The new tribes are large herds. Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat Why should I say yes to you just because you will add strength to your power? Three thousand gold for you. It’s a good price for my animals to eat the grass in my land. Let’s say I said yes to you. If Nikola hears about this, do you think he’ll keep me alive? Then you will become the Tekfur of İnegöl. I’ll stand behind you too.

You want me to betray Nikola So do you know

the cost of that? You and I know very well that there is no price that gold cannot buy. Wow Osman. Let’s see what Nikola has to say when he finds out about this meeting. So you were going to go to Nikola’s and sing like a nightingale.Now you look like a dog ready to bite its owner. Come here in three days. I will let you know my decision. He is so afraid of Nikola that he plans to sell me and raise his reputation. Three days later he invited me into his trap. There was no tekfur of Koyunhisar. Who’s next, sir? We didn’t come here for nothing. He knew that I had invited the Turks to Söğüt.

At that time knew too are also aware of

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat your intention, sir. We’re not done with Yorgo yet. What do you have in mind, sir? Yorgo will give us the head of the traitor in Oba. We will bring such discord among the Tekfurs that they will not be able to trap us by fighting each other. Here you go, sir. Come to Yavlak Hasan. Talk about this meeting. We have no time to lose. It’s time to make the death warriors vomit blood. The order is yours, sir. Honey trap! Damn! Akca chick! Attack the Alps! Trap! Let Akça Hatun quickly reach the oba and let you know! Targun…

Whatever it is, the jackals have set up an ambush.

Bamsi! Crazy Bamsi! Tekfur crazy! Do you know what happens to the old deer that leaves the herd I’ve lived as long as I’ve lived, Now you know what I’m happy about now? I will not go empty-handed when I go to my Hakki. Speaking of hand, they took a hand. And I’ll take your other hand. We’ll see, we’ll see. So old man, do you come with your own feet and kneel, or by force? you stand behind me. if you have the heart, come and get it. That’s it.

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat The Pope’s spy in the Kayı tribe overthrew the old plane tree?Oh God.If you want to catch the wolf, come to my den! How many Bamsi Bey, run away, so that Osman Bey will come. Catch it! what did you do what did you do Don’t worry, you won’t die. While I was working on the sculpture,

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