Mavera Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 8)

Mavera Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles

Mavera Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles I swear that I will remain faithful to our holy father fight our enemies to my last breath live my life for honor. Mr. Alişar has arrived, sir. I have only one question for you. Answer my question correctly. What did he offer your father to sell Osman Balgay? I’m sure it’s not your miserable life. You know everything.

I’m sure you know the answer to that too.

Genghis Khan’s laws and his dagger. And you how dare you come here? Geyhatu ordered me to give this letter to you as a bannerman. It means he wants the law and the dagger. In exchange for what? In exchange for Osman’s death and your life. He crushed Osman Balgay alone. You know you’ll come again for revenge. Geyhatu how can I trust you how?

Your smell is killing me babe

. But you can’t imagine what it will smell like when you die . I know the tricks you turned behind my back. If you’re with me I’m ready to forget it all. If I kill Osman give the laws and the dagger to Geyhatu we both win. Osman killed Dundar. He captured Oba with his brother. Mavera Episode 8 With Urdu SubtitlesNow tell me what have you got? Dundar is alive.

With his cheeky wife and beautiful daughter

The only thing he can hold on to is mine. I will give his obsession to Dundar. We will do this with you. How can I trust Geyhatu? Geyhatu wants to marry Princess Adelfa and strengthen trade relations with Byzantium. The princess set out for Konya. Mavera Episode 8 With Urdu SubtitlesThere is only one enemy for both of us now, Sofia. Osman. You’re either with me or the black earth Princess.

Solve it now, Selcan Hatun.

It’s my right to go to my brother’s funeral. If the issue was right and law My Batur would not deserve black soil, Aygül. Listen well, Zöhre. After what they’ve done you won’t get a bite in this camp. bury your son. Then take your daughter and go away from this camp. Take refuge in the Mongol you wish for. What does that mean? In the Oghuz tradition, the verdict of treason is death.

You pray for the mercy of Gündüz Bey.

The one who needs us to the enemy does not take care of himself. Being a traitor is easy. Enough! Shameless, shameless, immoral dog! Whatever happened, it was because of your greed. You scribbled as long as you couldn’t shoot Osman. It wasn’t enough, you came to Balgay and knelt down. You lost your son, you didn’t get smart again. Enough! Let Selcan Hatun stop. Untie me now. Go and do your last duty to your son.

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