Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles. My Gonca! My rose bud, come on, open your eyes, come on Thank goodness you are with me on my last breath. Don’t say shh, don’t say that, don’t say I was a victim like that. He Gonca my rose, come on, look,Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles we will go to our obama, open your eyes, come on, my Gonca. Come on, my rose, open your eyesTogay. Togay !! We’re pulling back! Stand back! Alps! Lets! Where do you go during the day, my nephew? Don’t you see they back off. Emmi, I won’t let go of that push!

I will not quit! Come on, you alps, look at Abdurrahman Gaziye

In Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles Lets! Bud. Bud. Look at me, my brother Gonca!  Abdurrahman Gazi.  Mother! Mother! Wake up to the moment you wake up, wake up, wake up. Alps! Take the wounded to the camp, be quick! Bring the corpses after us, come on, alps! Lets! Come on,
hold on to the bud! Lets! Come on, Boran! Hold on, my Gonca! Hold it, my rose, let it hold! Hang on girl! Hang on girl! Mother! Mother! And stop! Alps! Did you think we were going to allow you to behave just because you gave us a dormitory, Mr. Osman? The girl inadmin throws both obays into the gayya well! You and your father will force my patience. Tell your Alps to hold back.

Do not leave me between my master’s command and

my respect for you. Will you sell horses to my enemy out of respect for me? We talked about trade with you before the dormitory. You said that you would not interfere in our homeland or trade. We honored his word, we responded to his invitation Now you can either keep your word or we will roll into the gayya well together.

Alps! You can confiscate those horses as soon as

I can get an accident! Bahadır! How long has Kayı begun to cut the road, Osman Bey? This is your banditry. I allowed to trade. Not to arm my enemy! Trade your sheep, sell your sheep, sell the goat, sell the milk. But not a horse! The horse is the weapon of the Turks! He should buy his goods and go to İnegöl and only trade. These horses will also come to my obama. I’ll give twice what Nikola gave. This irreverent betrayal will end here too. Let him seek betrayal in your own camp, Osman Bey. As long as that traitor lives, we will not have unity or vitality.

You should know that well. Alps! Lets. Alps! Lets!

in Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles Mr. Bamsi, Abdurrahman Gazi, was martyred. I’ll find and kill that traitor, that traitor I’ll kill that traitor. Which villain are you talking about, Mr. Bamsi? It was Idris, the treacherous potter in the obel, and he died. Which traitor do you talk about? When did the betrayal end, Mr. Dundar? When is the betrayal over! Ahan will stop bleeding within us! I will find and kill that traitor, Dündar. We lost traces, sir. Come on, go! Come on! Lets! May my Gonca endure, let’s hold it, my rose! Hang on my daughter. Lets! Let Bamsi leave, let’s take Abdurrahman Gazi to the camp.  See what happened to us? See what happened to us! Who did that? Bala also takes Gonca and the wounded horses to the camp. Who did this! Who did this! Togay did it, my lord.

Togay. The sons. Did you see the alps, did you see what happened?

In Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles See what happened? Abdurrahman Gazi reached the rank of martyrdom. Vote, Gazim! Bamsi’s two eyes. Come on, pause. Let’s get up and pause again. Like you did on many trips before. Let him stand up, stop again. Let the mane jump to his black horse and the vote will go from war to war! You can reach the mountains with beautiful bosoms and reach the mountains. Come on, my valiant alp, my valiant gas. We were going to arrive together. We were going to arrive together. You are now martyred. Togay! Abdurrahman Gazi, my two eyes, now you are martyred. You were martyred. You are dead now or this Bamsi bin is dead now

The thousand are dead! Oy Lord! Let these veterans

give a place in heaven next to our sister, these veterans alpe. Let these veterans alpe in your paradise. I am Osman. Abdurrahman Gazi has passed away. He reached the rank of martyrdom. My voting gas, let your plane be where you arrive. Alps! Abdurrahman Gazi set off like a caravan, passed away. He also put me here alone. Hey, his father heirloom Abdurrahman Gazi. Non… You reached the level of non-martyrdom. Now. Now also to us. The rank of revenge suits. Is there any deck? Come in. Did the caravan arrive in İnegöl? Osman Bey cut our way and seized the horses. Ah Bey Osman ah! If you only knew that my intention was pure! If you could reveal that traitor in your Oban!

That’s when we would wash that kefere’s castle with you!

In Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu SubtitlesBut, but in vain. What are we going to do, dad? Osman is very angry unaware of his intention. He allowed us to take the goods to İnegöl but seized the horses. It seems unlikely to crash into the castle! It’s time to meet with Mr. Osman. Let me come with you, my father. You prepare the alps. Your command is yours. Umur Bey sent the goods we wanted. But it was not good for Osman to seize the horses. Do you think I care about the horses, Helen? In order to fight, we do not need horses, we need the alps of the two oba to get in and shed their blood. Osman’s banditry has now overwhelmingly pressed Umur’s cerebral vein. While they take account of each other, we will complete our work in Söğüt.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles a Mongolian wants to see you. Who is it? He said he brought news from Togay. Let it come. Door! The wedding caravan was painted in blood, and Osman’s reputation was painted black. Who are you? Camuha, one of the Geyhatu commanders. Camuha Where’s Togay? Commander Togay is on the way to Konya. It is said that some landlords did not pay their taxes to the Seljuks. Camuha, I don’t talk politics to people I don’t know. Ah Abdurrahman Gazi had martyrdom even in the wedding ceremony. Ah Abdurrahman Gazi. It is my time too. Both I and I want to be among the martyrs. Sir,

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