Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu Subtitles May God bless your decision, my daughter. And it won’t make you lose your mind. First of all, you must bring the word witness. Repeat after me. Eshedü en la ilaha illallah ashedu en la ilaha illallah Am I now a Muslim? A Muslim’s heart is a place of trust. It is not a house of betrayal, my daughter. do not betray those who trust you. You gave me a tent. You opened your arms.

What Happend in Next Episode 48 of Kurulus Osman

How do I betray you? Come on, my daughter. Do not be willing to formally become a Muslim. Actually become a Muslim Excuse me, my daughter. May Allah make his way clear. Targun Hatun. Or are you still after a game? What game Bala Hatun? Still don’t trust me? What did you see what did you hear that suddenly you decided to become a Muslim? Osman Bey’s words and attitudes What makes him such a great person I realized it was the religion he believed in. You will never mention Osman Bey’s name again.

I also have an eye on you. nor will I drop my heart.

But you will withdraw from us, Bala. The duty I gave you have you managed at least? Flatyos ran away, sir. The reward for your loyalty you will receive in Jesus heaven. we cannot account for this to Osman Bey. What is unaccountable Göktuğ? Flatyos ran away, Dündar Bey. Yesterday one today two Although someone has helped you are responsible.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu Subtitles He escaped with this. Someone got it to that place overnight. three bows and three arrows left. with this bow and arrows they conquered the world.

They have established lofty states With these states brought.

order to the world have made the world prosperous. the sun of the ceremony who shines on his horizon became the Great Turkish Khan others were also subject to him. when he bowed down to the Mongolian in Kösedağ The Great Turkish Khanate fell apart. and it is time to reunite the tribes. you are the main chick of the obese. has a method and a manners. As Osman Bey’s daughter I have a method and a man. first of all, Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu Subtitlesthis is what I want you to know and not forget. informal, not only veterans it also needs scholars. I will get teachers to teach how to read and write.

is to make your children benefit from these teachers.

now you look at these documents how to get the Mongol out of these lands When Anatolian lands became the homeland of Turks again how to restore order and your crumbling tribes informal relics have been received. I will preserve them at my own expense. The state I will establish being a world state of the Turkish Khanate the sun of honor shines again let the dispersed tribes gather together and Suleiman Shah, who your father Ertuğrul Gazi also this is what he expects from you. you can start establishing my order. You gave such a gift to the Turk Shall we chase after you? We will go after Osman more. First, find the hole where Bamsı was hiding There will be only one man in front of you.

Not one of you can survive here. Keep your business solid.

He killed Bamsı and took the plans let’s get out of here as soon as possible. how nice to see you again. So your stay in Kayı Obama is over. What did you see what did you hear? Of course I was going to do it too, but this time I got help. Bishop of ancient Rome we can call it the great, great, great holy pope. This is probably something like God’s hand. Kayı Obası and the pope. I must admit that Flatyos They have a man with an ear in each hole. Now the war is starting again, my dear friend. Osman became a bey, Nikola. There are not three or five alpies like that.


All the alps are under his control. Now Osman stop saying this

, Osman. on the first day of his principality, we pulled out a man They were taking my head, Nikola. We’re stronger than before, Flatyos. Now that all Kayı is in charge of Osman when we hurt someone We will have hurt Osman. We will hurt more than before. So you know me if you take out that goat’s hook now? we spread the alps everywhere. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu SubtitlesHowever, we could not find any traces of the Flatyos dog. That dog should have paid for what he did. how do you make such a mistake? When we go to solve an issue will we be left behind? We give our lives still, we do not let your orders fall.

What is this then? You couldn’t protect a man.

Osman Bey, our arch enemy who martyred our alps. Let the prosecutor chain my niece and bring the man get him out of your hands. Honey, are you okay? May Bala open your eyes. Open your eyes. What do you have? neither ate nor drank? My Osman breathes hard. He was poisoned, he was dead. What do we do? What happened to you Bala? I heard about Bala Hatun, I ran and came. I know about these things. Her little tongue is swollen. I know how to land. I’ll prepare the mixture and come. The hand that reaches to honor is cut, cut, cut and cut. Trust is honor.

If you can afford it come and get it These eyes have these.

eyes seen the secret place? Did these eyes see the secret place? Didn’t see it, why? We came to your funeral, Mr. Bamsı. Let my Bala open your mouth. Let Selcan Hatun help. My God, you are great ya Rabbi. You protect, my Lord, you protect. To a Bamsi they would not be enemies and they wouldn’t give Bamsi’s honor. You give this burden of trust. My Ertuğrul Bey also passed away Your children wait. The Prophet Rasul Ekrem waits. You can give your trust. take me to the caravan of martyrs. I have protected the relics, sir. I kept the relics. Oh thank god. Thank goodness you opened your eyes.

You opened your eyes. Thank God he came to life.

close Targun Hatun to the caged tent. We will finish and take the relics. You will come to the hell you will reach. We have enough, Bamsı Bey. Osman did not leave his man alone. Allah is true! I’ve always loved you, Mr. Bamsı. I started to love you too, Cerkutay. ee Abdurrahman Gazi just like in the old days. we are enough for all of them evelallah Bamsı. Evelallah brother. a more over there you will see the cover. There are two chests under him. Especially if you bring a thesis. what would you do here alone? alps don’t ask questions. So what is in these chests, sir? Where did you come from, how did you come from? Osman Bey sent it,

my brother On his precaution too He wanted me to come too.

well you came. If you hadn’t come how would we be? Good thing you came Cerkutay. These chests to Tez Osman Bey we need to deliver. What will we do now? We will go after them. are you better? I’m fine, Osman. I’m getting better. Why are your eyes moist? You became an gay man. You have become a gentleman. Your daughter lies here, Osman Bey. And where is your heir? I want you to give my successor. I want your noble spirit to mingle with the souls of my children. In them Kayı Bey’s love for gas and I would like to see your pure heart. You want your bloodline to continue.

you know you will continue with someone else, Osman.

What else can you do? You wait, Osman Bey. The enemy does not wait. Look what they did to me I will ask you to account for this. You never worry, my Bala. nor will I get rid of these troubles. nor will our obese have a future. If you had an heir Would Targun attempt such a thing? you should never think about them. Think of our love and smile. Even if she smile, let the sun rise on my seat. Look, my heart has already warmed. Let’s get together as soon as possible. All Kayı girls are waiting for you. They all wonder about you. There is news from Saltuk,

Before Saltuk left the camp Meet with Nikola’s men

and they were going to the meeting place. He still dreams of becoming a gentleman. Saltuk will not be informed. He will not be informed. we live in a strange time. Finding someone who can speak sane getting harder and harder. do you see him as a sane person? I got angry and impulsive can do unexpected things And between two madmen when the clever do not enter for the sinless, Mr. Dündar. What do you want from me, Nikola? You know what I want,

We will take the principality from Osman.

Don’t decide right away, Mr. Dündar. Think about it, move it, weigh it. My own obama you want me to betray. I would never, ever call it betrayal. you become a gentleman. You are sitting on your post. And as soon as you sit on your post and the Mongol attack will end. Do you want me to give you Kulucahisar?

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