Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 37 In urdu Subtitles

kurulus osman season 2 episode 10 urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 37 In urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 37 In urdu Subtitles Will Be Release on Atv dated 9 December 2020 And Mubitv And Makkitv Will be Translate With Urdu Subtitles on 10 December and we expect in this episode 10 You forgot that Balgay cannot be fooled. entering the bosom of death with lust you will be my best no.kurulus osman season 2 episode 10 in urdu subtitles you will say

The poison of Zöhre Hatun why don’t you say you bought

it from the guy who came to the camp.Hazal Hatun? Supposedly he is a doctor. Is it easy to guess at once, Osman? Why did you wait for naive time to reveal? Would you question and cure me instead of thanking me? Osman wants to see who is behind this job. Perhaps there is no one behind it. Maybe he took care of the poison himself.

When Zohre  gives the poison to the animal

Medicine is the cover of the job. Do you think that the man we think a Muslim is someone else, Osman? Hazal Hatun is someone else. Who is this snake that came to my side? We’ll figure out who it is, I let my alps loose over the night. Who would you doubt? Who is behind this scheme? The poison used is called raw bog. It is an ancient Greek poison with hemlock herb in its essence and its effect was seen later. Nobody else can think of this. behind the hill is the castle, brother.

Physician disguised coyote now comes out of his nest

You need to be cautious, Boran. They go to the castle, Boran. Where did Sofia get the courage to add poison to our wedding cake How did they get rid of the poison? Obviously he has revealed himself. I did my duty, Princess Sofia. Princess Sofia, the Mongol commander Subutay, arrived. My mouth was furious with hunger. Your tents made of stone gives fear to the enemy, Subutay. whatever animal’s heart we eat we believe that we carry his soul.

You probably ate chicken hearts. he came back from Baydu’s face.

also the task of ending the devil It’s not easy to finish Osman, Subutay. I trust at least as much as Geyhatu. What do you want from me? and just get the alps out of the camp. It is my job to turn Osman crazy and get him out of the camp. What about you, what do you have? will draw Osman into the realm of spirits You came to the end of the road. in Kurulus osman season 2 episode 10 in Urdu subtitles the sharp dagger cut its first owner. Zöhre Hatun himself asked me for poison. How would I know he would do such a thing? Didn’t I tell you we’d cut your tongue if you lie? He threatened me with my children.

What were you doing in the castle at that time Osman

I told him to stay away from my family. This information is not enough for us to spare your life. From now on they will act together. you tried to turn our obese into a cemetery. You will kill Osman with this dagger, Salvador. He left corpses as much as Mount Olympus. what will we achieve princess? even a scratch on your flesh enough to kill him with pain.in Kurulus osman season 2 episode 10 in Urdu subtitles With this scratch poison to your blood the cold breath of death that smears it feels on the neck first.

While vomiting blood life comes to life before your eyes.

Your loyalty questions your betrayal. To deceive Osman you renounced. You are cut out for this job. Die, bitch! Burçin. Is this what you are looking for, father? Oh my daughter! Ah Burçin! Your wound is fresh yet, don’t tire yourself. My wound is not on my skin, father in my heart.in Kurulus osman season 2 episode 10 in Urdu subtitles I wrap the wound in your heart, I wrap it. You should pay attention to the wound on your skin, it is enough. I have no face to turn out to be because of what I have experienced.

Which of us are without sin in this world?

You don’t think about them, you don’t think. Look, do you know what’s in this chest? Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. God God is my witness to my Aybars I did not give any advice other than the word of Allah. He had begun to read it while he was still honey. Once he had said that I would become a mullah. Follow us on Facebook However, it didn’t. But it wasn’t. Ah my Burçin ah! Ah my Burçin ah! Oh god! My Burçin my Aybars all the time it grew under the banner.

He had no dreams in which this banner did not fluctuate, he had no dreams. And my Burçin this dagger that I put on my Aybars waist was the first dagger. The blood of the Mongolian kefere for the first time he poured it with this dagger. It was shed with a dagger. Now I’m Burçin informally, Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 37 In urdu Subtitles all of them will be Sıddık But these are Aybars’. And who is father Sıddık? Siddiq Burçin He is the second son God has bestowed upon me. That winter rose it is snow in the summer. Now he will come to kiss my hand even more.

When Alişar dies, it means he has made a new ally for himself.

Subutay would have to go to Geyhatu with that ambition. Since he’s not gone is after a new game. Brother we have to take precautions without making it obvious. It is not clear what these defendants will do. That’s right, brother. Thank you. What is this red devil doing here? Not to conflict came to the alliance. I know that. His word is poignant. Did he poison you too? Anger doesn’t help any of us Balgay.in Kurulus osman season 2 episode 10 in Urdu subtitles Either you will end each other or all together Osman. Geyhatu Baydu returned because of the threat. He also gave me the job of finishing Osman.

Now capturing your soul her a I will be a death bird. Did your legend hold off, the Great Shaman? Have you captured your soul? Then wake up. Awakening the bird of death. Kongar. Son. Father. What happened to me? Black album called Osman your he stole his soul. Great Shaman asked him back from Erlik Han and took it. To listen to my commands are you ready son? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 37 In urdu Subtitles

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