Filinta Mustfa With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Filinta Mustfa With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Filinta Mustfa With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv The ruling of the Oghuz tradition is clear The peace of the Oban is above everyone.. Bamsi Bey He tells the truth. I agree. For the sake of my Obama I approve the exile of my nephew Osman. Age has crept up on your heart. The word “father” is not enough Should you also go to the word gentleman? If you talk too much, I will not call you my son, I will exile you too. Instead of staying in Oba and eating a bite of bondage I drink martyrdom sherbet with Osman. Since My absence will bring peace to

the camp Then it’s up to me to go too. But you

must not forget. Freedom with words Not with silence It is bought with a compass. My Lord For many years, you put your servant to the test The longing for brotherhood My Lord gave me a headache. You are the one who knows my insides best You are the one Filinta Mustfa With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv who sees best. If Servant of the Mongolian Kongar If he is my brother Give him guidance, my Lord. If he persists in believing With my own hands Grant me to take his life. Exile What do you say?

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We will all go into exile in the morning, brother. Bamsi Bey?

Wasn’t Bamsı Bey at the wedding? How did he allow this? Especially Bamsı Bey and Apturrahman Gazi wanted us to go. Osman Bey said that we will arrive at my Samsa Bey’s camp at sunrise. What about Samsa Sergeant? What will happen if he doesn’t accept us into his band? I don’t know bro Oh my Boran ah. Here you are Selcan Hatun. Hey go Bamsı Bey hey Shall we see these days too? You, the father half of my Osman Mentor, arm and wing Did you also call my Osman an enemy? I call you Bamsi Bey! Can’t you hear? Were you also going to turn away from my Osman?

Is this how you take care of your comrade’s trust?

Selcan Hatun, don’t say anything more! Mongolian fire It burned our camp to the heart. You lived too, Selcan Hatun. The Mongolian scourge is like a storm It drags what it puts in front of it. Oba gentlemen are angry. Osman started to act without even telling me. Osman should stay away from the tribe. Let him get away so he can come to himself. Don’t try to be naive yet. Selcan Hatun Filinta Mustfa With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv You know too Yigit cooks on fire. If Osman is also not cooked Oban’s condition will be miserable. Selcan Hatun Don’t worry. I do not take my eyes off my Osman. Welcome me, Bamsi Bey.

My mother’s heart. My anxiety is because of him.

Forgive me. I know Selcan Hatun, thank you. My Lord If I’m fighting for my soul You bring me back to myself. If I’m fighting for glory You destroy me. My only goal is to gain your consent, my Lord. If my intention turns to my soul, rank and position You take my life, my Lord. But my head is high. Whatever I did, I did for the welfare of this tribe.

I learned to stand upright from you, father. His courage is from Bamsı Bey His loyalty is from Apturrahman Gazi. I’ll go now. But I will certainly be back. Son You are the rightful owner of this tent. Because Dundar Bey has established a post office No one can send me from this room except my father, mother. My departure is not exile. If I stayFilinta Mustfa With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

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