Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 3 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 3 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 3 With Urdu Subtitles I came first, and my father will be on the road soon, insha’Allah. Insha’Allah. Who are these wild people? It’s not wild, Mr. Bamsi, these are snakes. Snake. Me too I too, you have a trust that weighs on my shoulders, Mr. Bamsi. These accursed are the murderers of my brother Aybars. They also have heads. I’ll bring it to you too. That old man wasn’t Yannis, was he? That’s the snake’s head, I grabbed it by the tail.

We’re going to crush his head too, evelallah.

Don’t worry. Now it’s up to you to take your revenge, Bamsi Bey. Even though the blood flowing from them is as much as the water of the Pied river it doesn’t cool my heart. My Osman May you exist. Let there be you. I’ve been right, Osman Bey. I used to remember that you forgot Aybars in our company There is no forgetting, Burçin Hatun. Bamsi Bey Dears! Siblings! Sisters! Yarns! Today is the day of cooling the fire inside me. Today is the day to avenge my martyred son Aybars.

These snakes thought we forget our pain,

we don’t follow. These snakes thought we don’t hold accounts. But dark Osman Bey grasped them with his eagle-like claws and threw them in front of me. Now it’s up to me too . to separate their poisonous heads from their tails.Today is the day of beheading all the snakes that try to infiltrate the Turk’s bosom . The day it is time to walk to our faith to the Red Apple. My black-eyed valiant Osman. Welcome, aunt. I found it nice. When I see you,

I have seen both those who are nice and those

who tolerate, my son, evelallah. Come, let’s go to my father’s bed. He found Tekvur’s killer, found Aybars’ killers and brought them to the camp. Osman, there was a cascading flood. Either I’ll be in front of him, we’ll stop him or his flow will break us all. His father’s lion my brother-in-law, Osman. Osman don’t drop your eyelashes on your eyes. What is on your mind? Tell me. I saw you alive like this, aunt there is no more trouble, alhamdulillah. Be my guest. Oh, my Osman.

The day will come sentence Oghuz tribes will unite.

It will be strong. Hopefully, my lion. Hopefully. I heard you went to the caravanserai? Yeah. I went. What’s up? Osman where did you find this dagger? Has anyone caught your attention in Kervansaray? It was, yeah. Princess of Kulucahisar. He had come to me. Sofia. Sofia. But what does Sofia have to do with this dagger, son?


In exchange for your life they asked me to spare

someone’s life, sister. What are you saying? Sofia? Yannis. Who is Yannis? We’ll talk in the evening, aunt. My Osman when I arrived at the caravanserai I was fortunate to see the blessed face of Sheikh Edbali. What are you saying, aunt? Yeah. Your face shone like the moon, my lion. What’s up?

Those who do not care, have no reputation Kalonoz.

I’m Boran Buyur Bey. My aunt Selcan is here, now I have to go to the camp. Take this dog to our place. Talk until morning at the latest. Don’t worry, Mr. If it were a snake, the nightingale would be cut off, evelAllah. Samsa sergeant, you go to obana.

Wait for news from me Selcan Hatun Among all your

troubles, this one was missing. Thank God, I saw Selcan Hatun once again through the eyes of the world. Ayşe. Aunt, welcome. My beautiful daughter. Welcome, aunt Selcan. I’m Aygül. Welcome, aunt Selcan. We enjoyed it. Welcome Selcan Hatun. What if that Zöhre face was like a lime well. Give it to our amazement, Where is my black-eyed Osman? Say I heard, come on,

you threw my Osman into caged tents. It means that

the mountains and stones of the willow have been spoken. All creatures come to the fore in front of the Selcan woman don’t you know, Zöhre? Come on, don’t slur, where is my Osman? Dundar said that the caged tent will come from him, but he cut his own punishment. It came from itself. Now, where does God know? Osman, who couldn’t fit in his tin even when he was a child, certainly knows something. Aygül, bring me a buttermilk. My liver turned to dust.

Now, aunt Selcan Be my guest. Here, Selcan lady.

You have set up your tent in the shadow of my Ertuğrul Bey’s tent. But don’t you know that grass does not grow in the shade of his tent. Even though there is no tent worthy of my Bey Dundar, we will live and go. Praise be to him. May God grant you and your loved ones a long life. Amine. Amine. We face the black winter,

migration does not occur in this season. No or evil, Selcan Hatun? God knows both good and bad, Zohre. What’s up? Are you afraid we will inconvenience you? Astaghfirullah. My concern is for you. Is there anything bad insha’Allah? I’m tired, Zohre. My Obama is tired. After Gündoğdum passed into the hereafter, it became unstoppable there.

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