Barbarossa Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles Did he come, commander, dill, but Alper is not with me right now. Of course, if you accept, there is a lot of pain, where he does not contract without holding the problem, I am coming a little bit, he is weak. Here the cell is a little weak. You will get out the Seljuk soldiers in the camp as much as you can. What do you think, we’ll tell you, sir, it’s filthy or will we be able to ? Yes, the penalty is clear. If this is monthly, but you pay the price, , those traitors are clear. during the day, you did it with your hand. you’ll pull it around your neck B Osman will always ask you for the account of what you have done, no brother,

you will be your brother, you will return to your brother,

Barbarossa Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles Welcome, if you are next to you, the power will be yours ol No Where is my sister, where is that apartment? say, I’ll keep all of them, my sister’s puss will shed blood for you. It rained. Make sure you live, it will keep all of you alive Gündüzbey Or I will burn you all alive told you to be in the game and fill our hearts with the light of faith 99 Names of the Almighty Allah and Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Our naive is Rule, but you know this situation well, sir, you say there is a traitor among us, you will still make a ton of it, will you not stand up , because they will hear the traitor ,

he will be happy because he will say to the contrary,

what we will announce beforehand, you don’t know, you don’t know , what will be the fate of you who took this Akça? Obas in these works have raised the flag of rebellion. And at that time, our duty is to unite under that flag, so we will understand the rebellion stone in the bastions Osmanbey konyalıoğlu is out of his word, today he is throwing up rebellion, the state is to revolt. When was the last time you went to Konya, Timur Bey, I just came from Konya, this is my Konya. his son is not deadlocked and other than that , is Konya completely your son and is there a free state in the middle so that we can avoid revolt, welcome Osmanbey, all the politics have weakened all the rooms lately,

what’s in the hand How will we revolt? But this was cruel channels.

Even if there are turkeys, and those dark days have come, yes, we are at the end of the word, there are also pusats stolen for the Nizam-ı Alem case. Since O determines and for that reason and they say nothing You push nothing they don’t protest, they know well that he will never return from his word of no, now come back from the war, which has withdrawn from the rebellion, then those who are waiting for death in their tent He is my father, you have a hundred tents. This But my father is also with my soul under them If we are always with you Osmanbey He is on our way and your way Thank you Osmanbey, this lady already has more soldiers next to her army, this is argunhan, this is 20000,

they are wondering I Osman Ağa Aga knew I would come there ,

how is this and is there a Zerrin deck? When he didn’t see that day, he determined the hotels, now the degree follows his life, something goes towards the hatuk long hill, this GH is strange and this GH is strange and you think I can help this land in Muğla. If there is a valiant to the top, we are fine. But you will burn in hell, you will have plenty of wood from the massacres you have done. If I donned 120 tents Osmanbey, mostly children and Pusat, it would be better 250 only. m Horse If you crave school You 200 each will pass valiantly with us If go to overtake us then agriculture will increase your being this sells Pusat hacks this is Davut USA this is welcome this

Barbarossa Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles

Together with It is prepared day and night 15 We have seen everything, that’s why we have made all our preparations, we have nothing missing by the hour, but yes, gentlemen, you will heartily make this call to your home , you will get rid of this wolf even more. Barbarossa Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles We have come to make a homeland, we have come to make Islam dominant in this land. If we are to surrender without a war until the last drop of our blood , 34 surely this red will come out God thank you He is my father, my father will bring out 506 with six and pain ,

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