Barbarossa Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles That’s why you should tell the alps. always be on the alert. Even a bird will not fly. I don’t want vulnerability. The order is yours, sir. Bismillahirahmanirahim. Sir, what’s the name of it? They call it opium grass. Don’t. Don’t let this thing hurt Mari? No, he’ll just pass out. And it’s not just for Mari. What about? Nobody should know. No one should know. Alps. Neither should the Alps. Alps? What shall we do? Hard to get out of big trouble. There is no other way out. Aygül Hatun will give food to the Alps.

We will also give you syrups.

We will give it so that the braves do not appear in front of me. May Allah marvel at our end, my lord. If only we could do it without being seen by anyone. We will handle it, hopefully we will. There is no other way for the survival of Obama . Let’s be bad. If you say for the good of the people, my Lord already knows our intentions. The car is ready. You make Mari drink the sherbet. Make sure the Alps drink too. God forbid no one gets in my way. Don’t worry, sir. We’ll get Mari out of the camp before anyone knows. girl. Let your right. Good luck, sir. Is there a destur, sir? come on. Sir, another alp is needed to follow the vizier.

I’ve been exposed, sir, they misrepresented me.

I could not do my duty. Who did this? Was it a vizier? Saltuk! Yes, sir. It smells so good in love, Aygül Hatun. What’s in it? Yours has poison. It’s the first time I eat poison sweet from honey. Well done, Aygul Hatun. It’s very nice in sherbet. Ayşe Hatun also made him. Let’s enjoy yourselves. Thank you, Aygül sister. Thank you Aygul Hatun. Bon appetit, alps, bon appetit. Thank you, Gunduz Bey. Göktuğ, where are the other alps? They help the people for the toy. Let’s collect the remaining alps. Yigits, Osman Bey’s order.

We will increase the measures around Oba.

The order is yours, sir. Come on, enjoy. You will be very beautiful, Mari. Thank you. Per millet, Aygül. His time is also near. Besides, Cerkutay is very fast. Turgut Bey will fall in love again when he sees you. Ayşe Hatun will look good, won’t she? It will suit Mari. She will be like a fairy. What is it, Ayşe Hatun? I made sherbet. I prepared for you too. But I sent it to Malhun Hatun’s tent just in case you went . Tomorrow will be a tiring day. Mari needs to rest, right? Ayşe says it’s right, ladies, it’s too late.

Good night Mari.

Goodnight. Good night. Thank you. Bon appetit, Mari. Good evening. Daytime! You will do it for Oban, Gündüz. Ayşe. Ayse, what did you do? Mari. He drank the sherbet. Well, the head alps drank too. It will be easier when they sleep. Although there was no Boran, he never left his tent. Early in the morning I will deliver Mari to the vizier’s men . -Daytime. -Ayşem.

Let me be your victim, Ayşe.

We do not do evil. Thank you for the sentence Turkmen tribes. Is there a destur? God forgive me. What is this, Vizier Alem Shah? We’ve done a lot since we got here. Which one would you ask, Osman Bey? Queen! This is Saltuk’s state. What about raising a hand to an edge-brain alpine? The extreme brain alpi is breathing right now. If it were anyone else,

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